FieldBee tractor GPS app – Premium subscription


Tractor guidance + Record keeping combined

160K+ downloads in 40+ countries worldwide

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Work at night and low visibility

Save money with precise tractor navigation

Save time on record keeping

Use your smartphone and tablet

The best tractor GPS navigation on your smartphone is real

Subscription for professional tractor navigation software that works on your smartphone or tablet and computer.

  • Can be used on unlimited number of devices
  • Free regular updates
  • Online support
  • Secure data storage

The FieldBee tractor GPS app combines tractor navigation with record keeping and many other useful features to make fieldwork easier. We regularly update our app and add new functionalities that our customers are asking us for.

You can download the app to your Android smartphone or tablet.

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  • Navigation AB straight
  • Mapping
  • Record keeping
  • Notes
  • Driving at night


  • Navigation AB straight
  • Mapping
  • Record keeping
  • Notes
  • Driving at night
  • Crops history
  • Navigation AB curve
  • Navigation headland
  • Navigation saved tracks
  • Paths numbering
  • Connection to external receivers

What our customers say

Getting started and loving it so far. Support was fantastic and fast.

Jason Wachter

Promising GPS RTK technology based on the Lora network which makes the system very affordable for farmers.

Thieu Berkers

Love it, it makes my day on the farm so much easier. I don’t have to go looking for information in different places. It is all in 1 app. Thank you!

Riaan Weyers

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3 reviews for FieldBee tractor GPS app – Premium subscription

  1. Geert Lepoutre

    Ideal farm app This has changed the way we approach record keeping and farm management. I have recommended it to everyone I can. Very user friendly. Great company

  2. Ross Litwiller

    GREAT APP! I mainly use the app for mapping fields as a farm worker and don’t use all the features it offers. You can basically keep track of everything you do in your fields. I like it that I can map fields out, give them names and look at them later before we go to work there so we no how much product to take. We custom spread fertilizer so is very helpful when you can’t remember all the different farmers fields. I also like it that these guys keep updating their stuff. I know they are still improving their product.

  3. Duston Brown

    A++++ customer service!!!! By far this is best farming app I have used. I had some trouble figuring couple things out so I emailed them and they immediately helped me and took care of it for me. All my coworkers are linked to it so we all use the same maps and info. Thx for a GREAT app!!!

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